Alternative Atom Yosemite Icon


Hi folks, I created an updated icon for Atom text editor to better suit the new look of OS X Yosemite. ICNS files -

Preview it here -


I really like this one! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: Hopefully this will be the new official icon :stuck_out_tongue:


At least on OS X. I wouldn’t necessarily want this on any other OS.


wow! just added this as a icon replacement recommendation to the yosemite unity theme



First off, thanks to @rmccawl for designing and sharing such wonderful icons. Unfortunately it seems that Apple tweaked the Dock icon size in later Betas/GMs and now the icons look too big when in the Dock. Fortunately I had time on my hands, and decided to come up with a solution. I based my design out of the original one, but added some tweaks. I hope you guys enjoy them! I can make any modifications on request. Here is the repository:

Have a good day!


I know how to add this to my app icon in the Finder but, since Atom is updated so often, does anyone have an easier or command-line way?

Edit: I see in there is an atom.icns but it doesn’t seem to be the same size as any of your supplied icns files. 512 is closest. I suppose I could use the command line to copy the 512 over that icon?


Yeah, OS X will handle scaling the icon when it needs to. It should work fine.