Altering Colors of Markdown List Markers


Apologies for the noob level question, but I feel like I’m missing something important in this process.

I’m trying to change the color of the list marker in markdown lists based on depth so that it’s a little easier to distinguish hierarchies (much like org mode in emacs). I did this in Fargo with some css that was very stupid, but works:

I grasp that it’s a pretty simple copy and paste operation into my personal stylesheet, but I can’t seem to get the selectors correct to actually change the color in the editor.

I would think it would be:

span.variable.unordered.list.gfm { color : #cb4b16; }

… but this doesn’t seem to take precedence, and even the !important flag doesn’t fix it. Given that I’m using the solarized-dark themes, markdown-writer, and markdown-toc packages, what do I need to use so that the rule doesn’t get overwritten? How should I have tracked this down before now?

Apologies again and many thanks.


See this recent topic:

Also added a FAQ:


The simple and (still terrible) hacky result… which I can’t seem to actually link to because of new user link posting limits: