Alt-shift keybinding



I am used to use “Alt-shift” for switching keyboard language. When I use this shortcut in Atom IDE it opens Nuclide from the application menu.

Is there a way to prevent opening Nuclide? I have no keybinding set for this action.


Using newest Fedora, Cinnamon.


What do you press after alt-shift to change your language? Is this interfering with anything you’re trying to do?


I use switching languages for either to write comments or strings in another language since it has special characters or to code using English keyboard since the characters used for programming are placed much better there.

So to answers your questions:

  • after pressing the shortcut the language is changed but then I’d expect to continue to write the code
  • it interferes with my coding flow, because focus jumps on the menu and thus I cannot type


On Windows, just pressing alt-shift does not focus the menu, so I thought that it might be a button that you were pressing after that combination. I don’t use Fedora, so I can’t comment on how you might avoid that behavior, but it’s definitely something that the OS is doing, not Atom.


I have found an easy workaround.

I assumed that alt-shift selects an item from context menu without shortcut. When I hit alt there is underlined letters in the context menu which can follow to open the item and Nuclide has none.

So I downloaded menu-editor (needs restart of Atom) and removed Nuclide from the menu.