Alt+Shift combination calls comand menu


Hi. I’ve got a problem.
Every time I press Alt + Shift to switch my keyboard layout (language) white menu bar (with ‘File’, ‘Edit’, etc.) pops up and all my code and panes slide down a bit. This is really annoying. This also happens when I just press Alt. However this doesn’t happen when I press Alt + Tab.
So my question is is there a way to disable binding of Alt to menu bar showing.


By the way i’m working on Linux Debian.
Here are screenshots of phenomenon.




In your keymaps put the lines:

  '^alt': 'abort!'

To bring the menu up, you will have to key in something like alt-f for FILE.



Thanks, this worked. But can you please explain how this solves the problem?


Yes, I can sure try.

The command to trigger the menu is the Alt key being released.

The ^ sign in the code segment means ‘up key’, in other words ‘releasing the key’. Or releasing the Alt key for our case.

The above code segment furthermore associate the key combination with another action. The association in our case is now blank or literally abort (cancel / ignore) the key being released.

You will probably notice that sometimes a combination key press with the Alt key was not a problem. The main issue is if the Alt key is released when no other key is active or that combination of keys (at the moment of release) is not linked.

Does these notes help you out?


Yep I got it.