Alt-left click stopped working for jump to method (Go To)


I used to be able to use alt-left click for jumping to a method or class definition. This week it just stopped working. Sometimes it was not great and I had to reopen projects (Laravel) but now it has stopped working entirely.

Strangely though, while holding down alt and hovering the mouse over the methods or classes the words still underline and the cursor turns into the hand but now when I click them nothing happens.

Any help would be much appreciated. I am lost without this.

Mac OSX 10.11.4
Atom 1.7.3


I’m not sure what package you have installed that offers this feature. You may want to contact the maintainers of that package. The FAQ contains instructions on how to contact the maintainers for any Atom package or theme:


Thank you for your reply.

It has started working again today and I searched for the package which provides the functionality and I can’t see which one it is.

But at least it’s working again for now.