Alt Keybinding is really non productive and interferes with work alot


I have been using atom for about 2 months, before that i was using eclipse, the only problem I have with atom is the mapping of Alt key,
I use keyboard for everything on linux and alt key is pressed numerous times shifting windows using Alt+Tab, or so many other Alt options. And I am sure everyone faces that problem. Since Alt key is mapped to “hide” menu bar it gets really annoying every time I switch windows or tabs it becomes really annoying. Any chance of fixing that permanently or at least provide it in the keybind section where I can unbind it. Right now neither is possible.



    'alt': ' '
    'ctrl-alt': ' '

to your keymap.

and / or disable
'Window: Toggle Menu Bar'
via Command Palette.

To do this, open Command Palette (CTRL-SHIFT-P) and type toggle menu bar.


tried doesnt work


Tried, does work for me for years on KDE and Gnome.

(you may want to check the formating in your keymap, whitespace is important)


Perhaps ->

### keymap.cson ###

  '^alt': ' '


I was using

‘alt’: ‘abort:!’

and it was working till Atom 1.24 but since i updated to 1.25 any of those completely disables the menu bar. I don’t want to disable the bar just disable the alt key. I can’t get my head around the fact that alt key is mapped. its like mapping a shift key or ctrl key to a toggle, so everytime you try to type a secondary keyboard character you end up toggling something, or when you try to safe your file you instead toggle some music.


thanks for your help


I always hide the menu bar.
I also have to block ‘ctrl-alt’, otherwise when I hit ctrl first and then alt, the menu bar is back.

Like I said, this:

  'alt': ' '
  'ctrl-alt': ' '

works for me on KDE and Gnome. Always latest version of Atom.

In theory, if I want to have the menu bar always visible, like the OP does,
then I don’t have to add anything to my keymap.

Atom does not always hide the menu bar when you hit ‘alt’.
This is actually a feature that I can turn on and off in the control panel (toggle menu bar).
When enabled, Atom displays a message.

I wonder what Linux Distro and Desktop Environment the OP uses.


Sorry for not detailing, the issue was double, Alt key is map in KDE for menubar display, so I guess its a KDE issue, but all other apps I use don’t have optionof hiding the menubar so the option never did come in play until Atom. For now I disable Atom menubar hiding and things worked fine