Alt keybind name is now different (alt-alt)


Version 0.71 of atom read the ‘alt’ key pressed by itself as ‘alt’
The latest couple versions now read the ‘alt’ key pressed by itself as ‘alt-alt’.

‘alt’ is now ‘alt-alt’
‘shift’ is now ‘shift-shift’
‘control’ is now ‘ctrl-control’

Is this expected behavior? Screenshots attached.




Looks like this is only in the keybinding resolver? And it also looks like there is already a bug filed for it.


Could be intentional… maybe so you can bind single presses of ctrl, alt, and shift to commands? But I don’t know.


You actually could bind to ‘alt’ before. Now the ‘alt’ keybind doesn’t work and nothing seems to respond when you try to bind to ‘alt-alt’