Allow typing ENTER while maintaining multiple cursors


With recent atom builds (I’m on 0.152.0), when I have multiple cursors active and hit ENTER, it reverts to a single cursor. I believe in older builds, this was not the case and thus I could type ENTER just like letters, numbers, and other normal characters. Is there any way to configure this to allow ENTER again? My use case is very often I’ll have a line of HTML attributes or javascript function arguments that I want to convert from 1-line to many lines:

<input type="text" name="name" ng-model="">

So I put cursors on the spaces and try to get (for example)



It’s working for me. Do you have a package interfering? Can you reproduce with atom in safe mode (atom --safe)?


Hmm, it still works with --safe, and after a restart now it’s working with my packages too. OK, I’ll close this as I guess it was a temporary fluke.


Well now it’s happening again today, not with --safe, but in normal mode. What is the methodology to track down the cause? Do I need to do a binary search disabling half my plugins?


Yeah, or @mark_hahn was working on a package to help with this.


I’m working on package-cop. Should be released in a couple of days.


OK, I think I’ve tracked this down to the autoclose-html package. I’ll file an issue there.