All packages uninstalled


I just discovered that several packages are not installed in a window that was opened recently. Looks like all of my community packages were somehow uninstalled. I have another window open that apparently still has the packages loaded. For example, atom-beautify. If I search for atom-beautify in Settings > Installed Packages, it doesn’t appear. But when I go to Install Packages and search for it, its entry shows that it is installed.

What is the problem and how can I resolve it without having to reinstall all of my packages manually?


What do you see in the .atom/packages directory in your user folder?


The four packages that I have installed since the packages disappeared.


If the packages aren’t in there, then they were removed somehow. Without replicating the issue, we can’t tell why or how or when they were removed.

What about config.cson,, keymaps.cson, or styles.less? If any of those files have a very recent creation date, it might be that some of your .atom folder got removed or deleted.