All my project files deleted

Hi, I’m new to atom and programming in general, and I have been having some issues and I am not sure if it is because of Atom or not but I don’t know anywhere else to ask about it. I have recently been working on a project in python (building my own blockchain with Flask) and got pretty far along with it, however today when I opened my project in Atom to work on it all of the files deleted themselves.

I’m gonna give a very detailed version of what happened just in case it helps anyone figure out the issue:

I first opened my atom application, then, I went AFK for a bit, to get food. I came back and started eating while looking at my screen, this is when I noticed that my files one by one, starting from the bottom file in my Lib folder, and quickly reaching the top, disappeared (I will mention here that I had two atom windows open, because I double-clicked the atom icon in my taskbar by accident, and so when atom launched, it opened two windows, one with my project open and the two “welcome” tabs and one with the welcome tab, and an untitled unsaved new atom document open). Whatever happened deleted every file in my entire app-1.45.0 folder, which is where I keep my projects but left all of the directories. The only thing I was left with was a file called .dead, which is 0kb and has no content. I tried googling pretty much everything imaginable and nothing came up except for an article that says that .dead files are a file type used on the Apple II operating system, and has to do with CDROMs or something. I am on a windows machine running windows 10. This is the second time this has happened to me, and both times all the files in the app-1.45.0 folder were deleted, and nothing else. Please someone help me, I’m tearing my hair out and I’m going to scream.

Thank you!


Where were these files stored? What was the absolute path?

Oh, it’s in the image.

Yeah, that directory is for Atom, not for your files. Presumably it was deleted because of an update or something. I.e., it had installed a new version so the older version could be deleted. Never store your files in a folder you don’t know about; the safest place to store them is a folder you made yourself in something like My Documents or whatever the Windows home folder is.

This isn’t just for Atom; any program you install is going to use it’s folder in AppData as it sees fit. None of them are for user files.

I dont know or quite understand the issue. Did u get it sorted though?

Ah, that’s what I suspected the issue was. This is interesting though, because that’s the default folder that whenever I saved a file in Atom, it automatically saved to that folder.

Can you explain how you found your files? The same thing happened to me.