All my numbers are white in light themes?


I don’t know what I did but all numbers are white in all the light themes. I’ve downloaded a few light themes and my numbers are white in all of them. I love the light themes but I need to see what I’m doing too, help me please? Thanks

Example: (I highlighted to show there are numbers there)

  1. Launch Atom in safe mode to rule out that this is caused by a third-party package: atom --safe

  2. Take a look at your styles.less (Application: Open Your Stylesheet in the command palette) and see if there’s anything in it overriding the styles of your theme


Update: I opened Atom in safe mode and the numbers are still the same. Here’s what my styles.less looks like. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in it, perhaps I’m missing something. Thanks for your reply Idleberg!


What syntax theme and ui theme are you using?


I’ve used:
Base16 Tomorrow Light
Atom Light
Material Light
Northern Light Atom
One Light
Solarized Light

In their previews the numbers aren’t white so it’s definitely on my end, I just don’t know what it is.


Open the Developer Tools (View > Developer > Toggle Developer Tools), select any of those numbers using the arrow tool, the click on the linked style in the Styles view. This should highlight the source of the style-sheet in question.


I sample the orange text .tree-view in my editor view

Clicking on <style>…</style> revealed this:

Now I know the orange is coming from the Hopscotch theme