All icons appear as squares (like symbols do when the correct font is not installed)


All my icons have suddenly turned into squares. Since then I’ve tried to install one of the icons packages, hoping that it would fix the problem and it did (for some icons) but when I restarted Atom, the new icons also turned to squares.

Any ideas? See the attached screenshot.


Did you change something in your styles.less? Or recently change what font you’re using?


Switching to another theme, then back to the dark theme appears to fix it.


Thanks, changing themes worked. When I quit Atom and open it again it goes back to squares but changing themes fixes it again.


What theme are you using?


I think it was on One Dark originally but I now switch between that and Atom Dark to return the icons to normal


What package is it that you’re using to apply the icons?


I’m experiencing this issue as well (posted about it here). What’s interesting is if you open up the dev console and then reload the window, you’ll see the requests for the icon files are getting cancelled for some reason, but if you toggle the selected theme, those same requests succeed.


Thanks @seanparmelee. This does appear to be a duplicate of your topic:

We like to unify similar discussions under one topic so that people don’t have to read a bunch of different threads to get the whole story. I’ll be continuing the discussion there and closing this topic as duplicate.

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