After work awhile, Tabs become useless


Every time after I work a short time on Atom, tabs number grow so quick and become useless.
Could you please consider a much smarter design for Tabs, such like Xcode or something else.
Thanks :smile:


There is a package called sublime-tabs that helps alot, but it still has some bugs unfortunatley… Agree on the unsuableility of the tabs right now!


Thanks, frk1705 :slight_smile: I think if Atom have a better default tabs it will nice.


I agree with you czyang. =D

I use sublime-tabs myself. The main reason is that I don’t like the default tabs of atom. But in other hands, I have no idea how to improve it. Mind to share your sugestions?


Essentially, this topic is a duplicate of:

Even though this topic is just pointing out the problem and the other one suggests a specific solution, I think that the solution is popular enough that this topic can be closed in favor of that one.

Also, there is an open Pull Request to implement the Sublime-style preview functionality:

Feel free to contribute to either one!

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