After windows update atom says python isnt installed

after i updated windows i get this when i try to run code in atom " Python was not found but can be installed from the Microsoft Store: "

i have python installed version 3.6.5 i have no idea how to fix this could some one help

I doubt that there are many Linux users with a protocol handler for ms-windows-store:// URLs, so please stop spreading FUD. Also, there’s no need to make a discussion out of this, as I’m sure the @joshua1 prefers if we all stay on-topic. That said…

Do you get any erros when typing python in the command prompt? If not, make sure you install Python with the Add Python to PATH option checked:

hi thanks for the reply.
i updated my python to 3.8.0 and i clicked the add python to PATH button it did not fix the issue.
also when i type python in cmd it opens the microsoft store to install python

Web search:
why python Windows store

Good search result:

Read the link and decide what you think is an appropriate response.
Keep in mind that Microsoft aims to safe users from themselves;
Or the corporation wants to {conspiracy theory}.

My suggestion -

  1. Navigate to %localAppData%\Microsoft\WindowsApps\
    (typed into the Windows Run Win R)
  2. Rename the EXE files that directs you to the Windows Store.

The provided link does however empowers you to not just blindly follow my suggestion.

thanks this fixed it

The better fix is to open the Manage App Execution Aliases page by searching for that in Start and disable them there.

The shortcuts are meant to be at a lower priority than anything installed, but there is an issue with at least one third party installer that corrupts PATH and causes them to appear too high up.

To avoid other issues, you can also modify your system and user environment variables to remove all but the last entry pointing to the WindowsApps folder.

Hope that helps, and sorry you hit this problem!

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Welcome & thank you for contributing your answer.

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