After the style attribute in HTML elements, properties are not changed into green color!


I don’t know the reason, about this.

Since a hour ago, the text color after

is turned into normal color, it was green as like other text after style!

How can I make it? Thx :D!


First, please always write a subject that describes the problem in just a couple of phrases. “Please help” will not help anyone who searches the forum in the future looking for an answer to the same problem. Second, remember to always format your code as code so that the forum knows to not display it as HTML. There’s a </> button above the editor, so it’s super-convenient to simply highlight your code and press that button.

What happened an hour ago?


Thanks a lot, next time I going to remember your advices.


It’s perfectly normal that CSS within a style attribute is highlighted as CSS. If it was all green, that’s probably an indicator that your CSS is invalid (more likely) or not supported by the highlighter (less likely).


What’s your status? Do you still have a problem? If so, please answer my questions.