After `j`, page doesn't scroll far enough


I type g h to go to the home page of the forum. The first topic is highlighted with a vertical red bar. I type j. The vertical red bar moves down to the second topic. I keep hitting j until the vertical red bar is at the last visible topic. I hit j one more time, and now the red bar moves down to the first invisible topic, but the page doesn’t scroll. If I hit j a couple more times, then the page starts scrolling, but the red bar is always out of view (by a couple of topics).

Can you reproduce this?

I’m on OSX Yosemite, using the Safari that comes with it.


Yep, keyboard j scroll-down does not work to trigger additional topic list load here @eviltrout. Did this ever work? I’m not sure.


It looks like there was code to do it, but it was somewhat broken. I have a fix ready, should be deployed later today:


Oh yes. Very nice. It works like a charm! Thanks a lot!

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