After install docker, Atom-Beautify 'could not find docker'


At the first, I use CMD “pip install docker” to install docker, and then install ‘atom beautify’ by search in Atom, but I get an error when I use ‘Ctrl + Alt + B’, how should I do?


Can you elaborate what a Python library for Docker has to do with atom-beautify. What exactly are you trying to do?


Before I install Docker, I can’t use ‘Ctrl + Alt +B’ because of the message ‘could not find docker’, so I install it. But it still occurs error. now I don’t know how to do it.


Since you did not answer my question, I can only guess. You don’t have Docker installed, only the Python library of the same name. Whether you need that library or not: you need to install Docker!


Thank you. I am sorry if I have not responded to you. In fact, I replied to you, but because I clicked the wrong “Reply” button, you did not receive the message.Anyway, thank you,I’ll try to install Docker again.