After button click, load window inside section



Imagine, that I have on my app 2 main “sections”, first is a menu and second is something like content area.

Here is picture:

How to make, that after clicking on the button (for example info) inside menu section, then it will load a window (info) into content area. So after every click on the menu item, it will load a new “instance” / “object” of window into content area.


It doesn’t need to be a window, that button click can load a partial HTML code with own renderer process.


Maybe you can just change the the “content area’s” innerHTML?


I don’t think so, because that HTML content can be large and I want to use new renderer process (js) for it, like a new window.


How about a webview with node integration enabled?


You could use AngularJS or something similar to build your 1 page application (as I am doing this). This is a common way to develop something like that (if I understand you right). Otherwise I saw a while ago an Electron extensin for working with panes (left pane / right pane) but I have never worked with that.