Advice on a new project


I would like to create an electron app which mostly takes place within a traditional web based UI with forms and buttons and navigation elements. This app will display rendered HTML content, which people will need to be able to edit – not just the content, but the code as well.

I would really like to benefit from the atom text editor component, the key mappings, support for vim-mode, syntaxes, etc. But essentially I want to provide a different, more guided, constrained workflow than what you are given by design with a text editor (where outside of the file names and types, there aren’t really any constraints on your workflow.)

trying to grok the entire atom editor code base to figure out what is essential and required, and which can be removed, let alone trying to understand the organization behind it all is daunting. Any advice or recommendation or wisdom anybody familiar with the atom-editor codebase could share I would really appreciate