Advanced Packages/Themes Search



I was wondering if more advanced searches might be possible for packages and themes. By this, I mean, when I search for keywords in packages or themes I would like to sort the results by downloads, stars, author, date the package was last updated (I’m sure many of you are aware that many packages available for Atom are out-of-date and not compatible with the latest releases of Atom), etc. I’d also like to search for multiple keywords (with each keyword needing to appear in each of the results). I know that PubMed has an advanced search where I can search for keywords with the AND operator between each keyword and this would return the sort of result I am hoping that packages/themes searches for Atom would return. Is any one of the search features I mentioned in this question presently available? If not, is there any intention to rectify this in the future?

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Sorting package search results by

IMHO, what you are asking for is overkill. There are threads here about improving the ratings system and searching. You might join those conversations.


This is probably the best discussion of proposed improvements to package search:

The package API is public also:

So if someone wanted to put a UI on top of that, it’s completely possible.