Adjusting a theme


I converted a tmTheme file to Atom. I am trying to make changes to it, but I can’t seem to find where the individual scope I am looking for is being defined. I looked in base.less in the theme package.

I opened the dev tools and did command-option-p so I know the scope in question is ["text.html.php", "meta.embedded.block.php", "source.php", "comment.line.double-slash.php"] but base.less has nothing relating to php at all.

Specifically, the theme I converted had a background color for embedded PHP blocks, and in Atom this shows as bands, so I’d rather remove the background color.


Can you add some links to the package you are trying to tweak so that we can take a look at it?
Also, have you tried to inspect the block with the background color to find which rule was setting the background? It may help you to find which rule/file you have to change.


It’s my conversion of Twilight.

Looks like the BG color was coming from .text .source, so I commented it out.

I was surprised I need to quit and restart Atom to see the LESS change. But the color in question is gone.

Are there any docs on theme (well, color scheme) editing?


When working on a package you can run atom with atom --dev so that it reloads Less files on changes.