Adjustable size split panes


Is it possible to adjust the size of split panes?

My usual workflow in Sublime is to have one narrow pane that I use for SCSS files, since CSS generally doesn’t take much horizontal space, and then a wider pane that I use for HTML/PHP/JS files.

As far as I can tell, splits in Atom are always half the width of the window with no way to resize them. Am I missing something?

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You’re not missing anything. We have an open issue for this but haven’t gotten to it yet. Thanks for the feedback!


If you typically keep the same setup for columns across projects then you can edit your styles.less and set a max-width on the second column (assuming your narrow column for scss is on the right) to the size you want. Something like this.

.pane-row .pane:nth-child(2) {
    max-width: 300px;


@fleeting That’s a nice, if temporary solution. Truly, though, non-adjustable split panes are a deal breaker for me, but I imagine this will be a change that comes fairly soon.


Coming from Coda I was excited that you could split panes both vertically and horizontally at the same time but yeah, I thought I must have been missing something because I couldn’t figure out how to resize them.

Great editor so far, looking forward to this feature!


This would be a great upcoming feature +1


Hi @nathansobo, could you please paste the URL of the issue, so we can follow along and/or comment on it?



Good call- if you want to get designy about it, you can set the two panes to a golden ratio (widthwise only, of course), regardless of window size:

.pane-row .pane:nth-child(2) {
    max-width: 38.2%;


I went to look for the issue, so that I could track progress, but couldn’t find one. Is the pane functionality part of core, and closed source for now?


My god. I need this! Trying atom on 13" Macbook Pro =[


I’m sorry, but this is so freaking cool. A hackable editor, with nerds like me coming together to make the features they want to see, happen. You guys all rock. (Yes you, scss suggester guy! You rock!)


Still no information about where to find / track a ticket for this feature?


I’ve implemented a package for maximizing and resizing panes.
Feel free to take a look at it:

Feedback is welcome


Very clever @santip. The shortcut to increase/decrease the pane width is even better than having to use the mouse. Thank you very much for this.


Worth pointing out that the resize-panes package only works on OS X right now. Those of us on Windows and Linux are out of luck.


When you maximize a pane, after you finished, how to restore to the previous pane setup? (where you started from)


I use one on windows but it might be a different package.


Any news on this feature?
I really miss the resize pane handles :smile:


Indeed, I installed and realized after a while that my laptop doesn’t have cmd button.


Hi, I haven’t really figured out how to implement this in atom, but i made a really nice resizable column page out of just html and css which works in firefox/chrome/safari

to see it go to

to see the code

I thought this would be really nice if someone could implement this and instead of iframes you just have documents.

anyway hopefully this helps someone