Adjustable Pane/Panel/Gutter/?


I’m having issues with creating an adjustable side panel to stick my package content in to. I’m using a panel right now, but it doesn’t appear to be adjustable (as in you can’t “grab” the side of the panel and make it wider). Is this what Gutters are for? Or panels?

I’ve tried to create a gutter to place a marker to see how to interact with those but the below code results in an error:

atom.workspace.observeTextEditors(editor => {
    editor.setCursorScreenPosition([line - 1, 0]);
    editor.gutterWithName('line-number').decorateMarker([line - 1, 0], { type: 'line-number' }); // error when added

error: Uncaught TypeError: marker.isDestroyed is not a function


Gutters are not adjustable. Panels are, but at this point, you should probably read the latest blog post and transition to a docked item. The docks are like panels, but more flexible.


That’s exactly what I did. Thank you!