Adjust space size with proportional font


So I’m creating a theme just for writing MD, not for coding, and I want to use a proportional font. Looks great… but the spaces are huuuge. Any way to adjust this?




In order for someone to help you solve the problem, they first have to find out how to create it. After a simple test, it is clear to me that the problem cannot just be “any proportional font” as you have stated. You might need to provide me with information about what you are attempting to do in order for me to try to replicate what you see. The link to your GitHub repo would be best.


Hmm, you’re right. Thank you for your response. My font, “Hoefler Text”, looks great in all other places, but for some reason the spaces are rendering overlarge here in Atom.

To give some context, am attempting to install any proportional font, namely Hoefler Text, having copied the city-lights-syntax package and changed font-family: x to font-family: "Hoefler Text". Now that I have changed that to font-family: "Times New Romant" the spacing looks normal:


I don’t need to use Hoefler, I can use Garamond or Caslon or something. Adobe Garamond Pro looks great too.



Unfortunately, I can’t experiment with Hoefler Text since it’s a proprietary font.


Indeed, true.