Additional less styling should be available to help with consistency


This isn’t exactly about themes, but it is related to the look, so i put it under themes…

I noticed that the core packages provides a number of useful styling components which I would love to be able to access, but cannot seem to. Chief among those, is the checkbox style in the settings-view package. It seems like this has been overlooked, as it doesn’t appear in the styleguide either… perhaps there is some less import magic i am overlooking?


@simurai, do you have some hints here?


I did my own UI theme, and you can really style everything to your own liking, even the settings view. It does require some knowledge of HTML/CSS, though, to understand which selectors you should use to style certain elements.


But i am not interested in changing the style of the settings view. I know that given the appropriate selectors I could reach in and change their styling; I am interested in reusing the styling for checkboxes but they don’t appear to be defined outside of the settings-view package. As far as I can tell, the checkbox style is only defined in the core-settings package, and I cannot import its style.

Presumably, that means I have to copy the styling info from the package and include it in my package… not very dry…

Of course, I freely admit that I could be missing something, as I am very new to this, coming from a more traditional c++/qt & python/pyqt background.


Aha I see, I didn’t understand that that’s what you’re after. I don’t think that’s currently possible. I think those elements (or at least their styling…) would have to be accessible in core. I’d say it’s very reasonable, though, for packages, but mostly themes, to be able to style them independent from the environment they’re encountered in.


@jlgerber: Wrap your form in a settings-view class, and that should be it. You can also reuse the markup for bootstrap form field to make it more consistent with the settings view. I do something like that myself:


Wrap your form in a settings-view class, and that should be it.

That’s a nice trick. But I agree, would be nice if it wasn’t needed. The goal is still to make an Atom version of Bootstrap that all packages can use.