Adding Widevine CDM from command line



I am implementing widevine cdm in electron described in issue #2085.

it is possible to enable pepper plugin from command line this way
–ppapi-flash-path=/opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash/ --ppapi-flash-version=

I would like to do the same for widevine cdm
–widevine-cdm-path=/opt/google/chrome/ --widevine-cdm-version=

Pepper plugin is enabled by
void AtomContentClient::AddPepperPlugins(
std::vectorcontent::PepperPluginInfo* plugins)

If I will add similar code for widevine plugin, will it enable plugin pointed by the path in command line? Or do I have to embed chromium’s widevine_cdm_component_installer and use
void RegisterWidevineCdmComponent(ComponentUpdateService* cus);

Thank you


Is this post in regards to Electron? Or Atom?


This is post about Electron.

My objective is to be able to enable Widevine CDM calling electron this way
./electron --widevine-cdm-path=/opt/google/chrome/ --widevine-cdm-version=