Adding panes to the current tab (EditorView)


Hi, I’m looking to add a pane at the bottom of the current EditorView, this pane would be linked to that editor - i.e. if I change tab, it would no longer be there (or another one would be).

Is there a nicer API for this than managing it myself and searching the DOM for the right points to insert/remove etc?

If not, is this planed in future API changes, or will we always have to manually manipulate the DOM? That seems like a nightmare to maintain.

Core module source in coffeescript?

Did you ever find a solution or example for this? I need to do the exact same thing now.


In case anyone else wants to do this, I’ve worked out a solution. I went through the pain of using the DOM to create the pane and it seems to work. Feel free to contact me for details.