Adding Multiple Columns


Surprisingly, I haven’t seen this requested anywhere yet. But I always use the two column layout in Sublime. Would be good to have here.


cmd-k right should do it.

You can also hit cmd-shift-p, then type “Pane,” to see the pane split capabilities.


Thanks, gotta get used to new terminology. Another silly question, is there a way to resize the panes?


Not at the moment, unfortunately.


can you not use the stylesheet to set the widths somehow?


Oddly, the shortcut cmd-k right doesn’t seem to work. Typing pan in palette and choosing split works though.


Any thoughts on a commands to switch easily between the open panes? Vim commands would work good for this.: ctrl+w + a direction with h & l


Try typing cmd+k and then the appropriate arrow key. I had issues too until I realized it was two separate key strokes, not one.


Huh, that seems to work ok. but cmd+k and a direction isn’t the easiest key combo to manage - requires some interesting finger athletics O_O haha


indeed: typing cmd+k, releasing both keys, then pressing arrow works: wasn’t obvious :slight_smile:


Fortunately, you can remap all keystrokes! :smiley:


In ST2 I use cmd + 1, 2, 3, 4 heavily to move between panes. That’d be another great feature


Would love to figure out a way to do this as well.


Here’s my keymaps script where I’ve implemented the Vim shortcuts. Hope this helps!


Didn’t think it was supported yet until I found this thread! Would be appropriate to have a submenu in View for this.