Adding item to right pane

#1 has an option split:right which will put the new page in the rightmost pane and create a right pane if it doesn’t exist. I need a similar capability for Pane::activateItem. I.E. I want the web-browser package to be able to put a new webpage in a right pane.

If this doesn’t exist I can create the pane myself, select it, and the do the activateItem. How do I select a pane? I can’t find anything in the API docs or in the pane source.

splitRight method replacement

Maybe check out how the markdown-preview package does it?


In case anyone is looking for the same thing, this is how markdown-preview does it .

It generates a magic url like "markdown-preview://editor/#{}", opens it with url, split:'right', and then has an opener that waits for that magic url.