Adding attributes to autocomplete-html package


Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to add an attribute (like ‘cellspacing’) to a tag (like ‘table’) for the autocomplete-html package.

I went to:, which has a short paragraph at the bottom:

You can update the prebuilt list of tags and attributes names and values by running the file at the root of the repository and then checking in the changed completions.json file.

It looks like this is to add to the prebuilt list in the git repository. I was hoping I could, as I find missing attributes, just add them locally. This is a pre-packaged package, so it does not show up in the packages directory; is there a file I could update in order to add new autocomplete attributes?



The autocomplete-html package is only designed to read its completions from the completions.json file packaged with it. You could submit a PR to either add the attributes that you want … or you could submit a PR to add the ability to extend it locally.