Adding a board to folder


Hi there,

I openened an existing project as a folder in atom.
How can I add a board to this project?




What do you mean by “board”?


The targed board on which the code is supposed to run.
In eclipse there is something like an import function to import an existing project. After that one can define the targed. How can I accomplish this in atom?


You are using very vague language. Do you mean “board” as in “printed circuit board” in the sense of microcontrollers?

Atom has no ability to execute code and no awareness of the existence of different types of architectures. PlatformIO does and you should consult its documentation to find out how to accomplish that. If you have questions about embedded development, the PlatformIO community has people who are more likely to know the answer.


Thanks for guiding me in the right direction.
It appears to me that all my issues result from having installed platformio which integrates atom into its development environment. Therefore I apologize for my questioning here.
I am going to reinstall my system without plattformio.

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Without PlatformIO, you won’t be able to do embedded development at all.