Add Typescript support in addition to Coffeescript


I have been learning Typescript recently, and was wondering if support for it could be added in addition to Coffeescript. I have never been able to get my head around coffee script, while Typescript allows some nice OOP for those of us who only rarely use Javascript.



If it compiles to javascript you can use it. They don’t need to add explicit support. I have been using Ruby, for example. If your language choice doesn’t have the 1:1 interop with js that coffee-script has, you may need to write some wrapper’s around the API calls you want to make, but there is definitely nothing preventing you from using Typescript right now.

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@edubkendo I understand that. But I have read about problems people have had with writing plugins with just plain javascript because of some of the interactions with Coffeescript. I can only imagine that the problem would be worse when using Typescript.



I think the only problem area you would run into is with subclassing the View class, because it does some funky things with jQuery. Those are problems you can work around though. Other than that you shouldn’t run into any other problems if you use Typescript.



I’ve put a working demo of getting some of the basics of an atom package using typescript and sass (sans UI interfacing, which as you mentioned, seems difficult to make work) up here, you might find it useful:



Iterative development with other transpilers (TypeScript, Traceur, JSX, etc.)