Add "Soft Tab Length" setting


I think it would be great if size of soft tabs and normal tabs would be two separate settings as in some other editors (IIRC they are called “indent size” and “tab size” respectively).

For example, I usually use 2-space indentation but I also occasionally edit files that use tabs for indentation. I’ld like to use the auto-detect-indentation package to detect when I’m in the second situation and swtich to tabs automatically. The problem is that I want tabs to be 4 characters, not 2.

What do you think?


With the advent of syntax-scoped settings, is this necessary? For example, I have some grammars that are set to soft tabs with two spaces, others that are set to soft tabs with four spaces and still others that are set to hard tabs with four spaces.


What if the files are written in the same language? Is there something like path specific grammar settings?


Not as of yet, no. Project-specific settings are in the backlog, if not the 1.0 roadmap.