Add similar thing like .vscode is?


Can you add this feature that we can create a similar directory we create in visual code for modify that particular workspace.

So, that same thing we can do in atom itself.


Hi Yashu,

Very possibly the guys who use Atom and would answer you, do not use vsCode. Please expand your question and maybe include some pictures.



Sure, here is the video I have recorded. (Watch this video).


If you’re working with a folder that has a recognized version control system (like git, but I think Mercurial and Subversion are also recognized), Atom can read the .gitignore (or similar) file. The tree-view package has a setting (File -> Settings -> Packages, search for tree-view, and click on its card) to completely hide ignored files.


Ya, I know we can do that, but I need more customization to the tree-view same as we can do in code.


The purpose of the .vscode folder is described in detail on this website. It’s true that you can save project-specific editor settings there (tbh, I’m not sure what it’s good for), but most people will likely use it to achieve the same as with .editorconfig or .atom-build.json files.


Using .editorconfig we don’t get more flexibility like hiding folders or changing the language for certain file types.


You can indeed customize the language used for certain file types, just not on a per-project basis by default. If you want to be able to hide a folder from the tree view without putting it in .gitignore, then you might be out of luck.