Add Remember Open Tabs


To quote another thread also suggesting a feature, one feature I miss (or haven’t worked out how to use at least), is something like “Quick Add Next” similar to SublimeText.

In the SublimeText config it’s set this way:

"remember_open_files": true,

And it does exactly what it says. When I close and open SublimeText, it restores my existing tabs and windows much as a Mac does when it comes back from reboot. As a result, I never need to pay any attention to what’s saved, open, closed and so on: everything just comes back when I restart the editor. Assuming that I haven’t missed this existing feature, I’d suggest it as one that’s really pretty useful.

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For me, this is the must-have feature. Ever since Sublime brought us Transparent Session Restore, I have been using it as my editor for everything, not just code. It’s just how computers should work nowadays – with Sublime, I can hit Cmd-Q any time, and when I restart it, everything will be where I left it. Not just open tabs and windows, but also the content in these windows including unsaved changes. So that would be my wish: Do not just remember open tabs; store the complete session.

When closing Atom, it shouldn’t autosave files or ask what I want to do, it should just save the session and come back exactly the same way when restarted.


We actually had this behavior for a while pre-beta, but it was frustrating when the underlying state of the file system changed in between editor sessions, such as occurs when switching branches. We’d end up with a bunch of unsaved buffers corresponding to files on another branch. Obviously this is something we could have refined, but we opted to just remove the behavior for the time being and work on more pressing issues. It’s definitely something we’re open to reintroducing.


IIRC, Sublime does not handle this in any special matter – if you have an open file without changes, it gets reloaded on buffer-switch, if you have an open file with changes, it asks you whether you want to reload it (and Atom could improve on that by offering a diff view or even automatic merge). Files that are removed on the FS are treated as if they were unsaved buffers.


Textmate as well remembers everything about the session. All open projects, unsaved files, everything and it is an awesome feature.


-1 on the automatic merge. In 99% of the cases you just want the new version.

  1. Make this a configuration
  2. For people with it turned off have a shortcut CMD+SHIT+T (open last closed tabs) which would open the last session including all the tabs, unsaved buffers, cursor position, undo / redo state etc…


Making this a configuration option seems a very tidy way forward.

To speak entirely of my own usage, I rely upon this setting in ST3. Since I’m not constantly dealing with files where the filesystem changes, persisting prior tabs is hugely useful. Feels incredibly in line with the OS X method of dealing with closing apps without saving files.


I also would like to have my tabs kept in synch between my Mac Pro and my Macbook Pro. I would think github could be extended to supply meta data for tracking current file position/open files info to Atom per user account/ I would think this would be another way to help explain why you are willing to pay for Atom AND github. :smile:

For extra credit: add ability to stash undo/redo history on github ala iCloud.


@hkdobrev Obviously “automatic” does not mean ”just merge”, but “give the user a simple way to do it in the app instead of manually”.

@JAStanton I am honestly not sure why this would be a configuration option. Not having this behavior when you need it potentially results in dataloss. Having it when you don’t means you close a window with Cmd-Shift-W before quitting or after reopening the app – no harm done. Either way, if it’s an option, I am very much in favor of the default being on.


@moeffju I think I didn’t make myself clear enough.
The behavior of saving sessions should ALWAYS be on so there is never data loss. The configuration option would toggle between always opening previous sessions on boot, or hotkey to restore previous sessions. This is the exact behavior of ST2, I like having mine always turned on, some of my coworkers don’t. It’s fine either way as long as we have the option and the ability then this needs to happen.

That all being said lately I’ve been CMD+Q and re-opening and the tabs have all been open where I left then, except unsaved buffers and history.


please bting it back! making it a setting and default it to off should be safe enough :slight_smile:


This is also a must-have feature for me, and is one of the main things holding me back from moving over from Sublime. As for handling file changes, I like the Sublime approach that @moeffju has already mentioned, which just asks if you wish to reload the file.

To take it an extra step, a diff view would be a nice feature, but perhaps that can be further down the roadmap.


+1 to this! I love that feature!!


Atom is sadly too annoying without this feature… Might look at contributing if I get time, is anyone working on this?

[EDIT] When opening a directory, the previously open tabs (from last time you opened that directory) are there, w00t! This is a good start :slight_smile:


+1 for me as well. Basically, this missing feature in Atom is why I still have Sublime Text running parallel.


Same thing for me, I also keep ST running in parallel just for keeping notes and code I don’t want to “throw” away just yet. If someone takes charge of implementing this feature and points me in the right direction I would love to help out implementing it.


+1 to remember open tabs. I’m impressed for the work that you’ve done. Thanks so much.


This feature is a must have and sublime text 2 does it well. This is on top of my wishlist for atom.

Please add this feature back.


This is a must have if I’m to switch from Sublime Text!