Add package items to Symbol List?


I’m trying to get symbols to register for my custom package. Any idea how? When I open a file of the type i’m targeting, and hit cmd+r, I can’t seem to get any symbols to show up. I’ve tried ctags, tmpreferences, and custom classes to no avail.


ctags is what is needed. I use the Symbol Gen package to generate the symbols.


Will I need to do this for every project? Or can it be bundled with the package and run automatically?


I don’t quite think this is what I need, unless i’m using it incorrectly! This updated the global symbols (cmd+shift+r), but still doesn’t show any custom symbols for my custom file-type and grammars.


Custom file types and grammars will need to be added to your ctags configuration so that it knows how to generate the symbols for those things. The very basics of how to do this is under “Creating a user-defined language” here:


Thanks for your help! Will creating a .ctags file in the root of my package be enough?


I don’t know the answer to that one … I haven’t used ctags for very long at all.


Ok, no worries. I’ll probably reach out to whoever made the symbols package and see what they say. Thanks!