Add outline view


Is there a way to have an outline view for the opened files? Something like Eclipse’s outline view showing all functions and variables in the file.


CoffeeScript outline/navigator package

That’s an IDE feature, and specific to each language. There is no generic solution to this problem. It might be solved either as a set a packages similar to how the linting packages are setup, or perhaps a single package by taking advantage of CTags.

Either way, this will have to be implemented as a custom package. I’m not aware of any such package, but someone might have created one already. Try searching the packages directory.


I did a quick search but it seems there’s nothing like that (or I haven’t been able to find it)…


At least someone wrote a package for coffee script, maybe there’s some way to plug other languages on top of it


Im still looking for something like this also. It’s essentially a symbol viewer, and it makes a lot of sense. Some could argue that it’s way more useful than the popular minimap, surely it’s my case.


Exactly what I need too.

Bump up :slight_smile:


It’s not the same thing, but you can hit cmd-r for something not almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea a symbol browser.


You are right, but sometimes you need a visual orientation about the file you opened ^^


I’m seriously considering to implement my own outline view for Atom. The symbols package is too naive, and it is not very helpful as it can’t show the structure easily. Sometimes I have several similarly named method just in different classes and it can’t distinguish these in the listing.

In basic any outline plugin should implement project wide outline, file outline and quick outline which is a popup to quickly navigate within file.

(Today the Quick Outline in Eclipse PHP plugin stopped working for me, I’m getting pretty annoyed by Eclipse for other reasons too)


Like this?

Functions of a file as a tree view

Yes, finally somebody made a package for this called Document Outline.





I’ve tried a bunch of these and cannot find one that supports XML
I can use custom folding of alt+ctrl+[ but I would like a side panel navigation
anyone have any suggestions? preferably one that doesn’t break on <![CDATA[