Add option to not switch to different Task View (and always open new app instance)


I am a heavy Task View on Windows 10 user and while in most cases Atom opens new instance on a new desktop (as expected), when I am trying to open the same document or workspace, it takes me to another space instead. This is disruptive to my workflow as any action I take should always be strictly confined to the Desktop I am using at the moment.

Would it be possible to add a setting (or change behaviour) that would always open new instance on a new Task View no matter if the same folder is open on other Desktops?


I don’t have a clear mental picture of the behavior you’re describing. Please break it down into more detail. Are you saying that Atom opens in another desktop even when you don’t tell it to?


Sorry for not being clearer - to simplify, I would like Atom to always open new window when there is no window currently open in the current task view.

What is happening at the moment most of the time is that the action to open Atom from Desktop X takes me to Desktop Y. There I need to create new window or at least drag the newly create window back to Desktop X to resume working.


Well, my thought was to write a batch script that asked for the current desktop and ran atom $1 directed at that desktop (this could be a context menu item), but as far as I can tell from some quick searching, there’s no way to interact with the task view via the command line, so I don’t know. It may be that Windows just doesn’t have good enough support for multiple desktops yet.