Add keybindings to github operations: push and pull and fetch


Pull, Push, Fetch and Create new branch are commonly used features, It would be nice to have keybinding for them.

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The Flight Manual has instructions on how to add custom keybindings.

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Adding custom keybinging needs command of that feature first, I haven’t found github package provided commands of these operations.

  • github:pull
  • github:push
  • github:fetch

The only one that is missing is a command to create a new branch.



    'cmd-up': 'github:push'
    'cmd-down': 'github:pull'
    'cmd-right': 'github:fetch'
'.github-CommitView-editor atom-text-editor:not([mini])':
    'cmd-up': 'github:push'
    'cmd-down': 'github:pull'
    'cmd-right': 'github:fetch'

Paste keybindings above into keymap.cson
Hit ctrl-9 to focus on the commit message editor and then the keybindings above will work for you.

Thanks to @Wliu

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What are the github commands for “accept theirs” or “accept ours” when fixing up merge conflicts?