Add keybindings to github operations: push and pull and fetch


Pull, Push, Fetch and Create new branch are commonly used features, It would be nice to have keybinding for them.


The Flight Manual has instructions on how to add custom keybindings.


Adding custom keybinging needs command of that feature first, I haven’t found github package provided commands of these operations.

  • github:pull
  • github:push
  • github:fetch

The only one that is missing is a command to create a new branch.



    'cmd-up': 'github:push'
    'cmd-down': 'github:pull'
    'cmd-right': 'github:fetch'
'.github-CommitView-editor atom-text-editor:not([mini])':
    'cmd-up': 'github:push'
    'cmd-down': 'github:pull'
    'cmd-right': 'github:fetch'

Paste keybindings above into keymap.cson
Hit ctrl-9 to focus on the commit message editor and then the keybindings above will work for you.

Thanks to @Wliu