Add inline support for pep8


I am quite liking this application
However, one thing which I believe would be absolutely great is if there was some sort of standard pep8 support equatable to the following:

I believe that this would make it really easy to program in python.

Thank you


Something like this ?


I think atom-lint is a little further along with features, and does a pretty good job with linting a lot of different languages. I would prefer to see atom-lint wrapped in if a python linter was going to be added in and not use the plugin system. It also has regular releases, and seems to be winning in downloads. However, it does use flake8 which adds a little more than just.


I don’t think this needs added directly to atom, the atom-lint plugin and the flake8 plugin are both great and I think the editor it better served but not implementing a lint system directly in it, since that needs to be so customizable according to the user’s situation.