Add headers for C/C++ autocompletion


I’m trying to use Atom to write code in C/C++ using devkitPro, a toolchain targeting multiple video game consoles. What I want to do is add an include folder for autocomplete to read from. For example, the Eclipse IDE allows one to add headers, which autocomplete will include in its searches, and doing Go to Declaration goes to the file. I’m not worried about compiling from within Atom, I just want code completion. But there’s no options to do so in autocomplete-plus. Is this just not possible with Atom?


Well, sure it’s possible. You might just need to write the package yourself, or wait until someone else who wants that does.


autocomplete-python uses Jedi or Kite to inform its suggestions, both of which are programs that can assess your whole source code including imports, and will suggest methods from imported libraries.

For C-family languages, ide-clangd might do what you want. I don’t do any C-family coding, though.


Thank you for trying to help, but upon looking, ide-clangd doesn’t do what I want either. Ah well, I’ll just stick with Eclipse.