Add external python API for autocompletion


Hi all,
first post and I’m a new user of Atom.

I’m using python as main programming languages with some external APIs (PyQt, PyQgis). I found the autocomplete-python package.

But I cannot set it to understand 3rd part API.

In the Setting menu I’ve added the PATH (/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/) where the API are stored (and with other editors, like eclipse it works) but I cannot figure out how to let the package autocomplete these funcions.

I’ve also read this post but nothing changes.

Am I missing something?




To be honest, I haven’t used Python in quite a while. Have you filed an Issue on the autocomplete-python package itself?


Should I directly add an issue to the repository?

Actually in the package configuration there is a small guide on how to add external PATHs but it didn’t work for me…


Yes, if the package isn’t working for you … that is where you should file bugs or ask questions. It’s good to ask here too because other people here might know the answer, but you should always let the package author know too.