Add "Dev Live Reload" button to toolbar.cson?


Hey all,
I’ve been trying to figure out how to add a button for “Dev Live Reload” to my toolbar.cson file, but nothing I’ve tried so far has been able to do the trick and my searches haven’t returned too much insight.
Any ideas?



You can go to Settings -> Keybindings and search for “reload” to narrow it down. The command is dev-live-reload:reload-all.


… and becuase you are probably been using the Flex Tool Bar package, add the following code to your toolbar.cson file:

    type: "button"
    icon: "refresh"
    callback: "dev-live-reload:reload-all"
    tooltip: "Dev Live Reload"
    iconset: "fa"


Thanks, that worked perfectly!
Jerone, you’re exactly right, although I’m relatively new to using it.
I’ve also been having issues with the command not responding to the default keybinding (ctrl-alt-shift-R), which led me to believe that maybe it was being overwritten by another package. Yet, even after adding the command to my keymap I’m still getting no response.
Thanks again for your help!