Add bracket pairs to highlighting, auto-insertion?


I’d like to add pointy brackets <, > to bracket pair matching and make it so that a > is automatically inserted when I type >, exactly like {[()]} are treated.

It would seem that neither autocomplete-plus nor bracket-matcher allow to configure what is and was is not recognized as bracket pairs.

Given that Unicode at this point has no less than 75 bracket pairs and probably many more characters that could conceivably used in pairs similar to ' and ", it would be great if the two modules mentioned would treat brackets (in the broad sense) more like an open class rather than a definite closed group.

Not sure what the level of difficulty / the Atom’s best practices is if someone wanted to have such features in a language-sensitive way, but it probably goes without saying that language-specific rather than a one-for-all configuration setting is inherently more complex; I for one would be fully satisfied if a global setting was available.


There’s a feature request for this here: