Actual method, functions and classes display hinting, auto-complete and support


(note: this topic can go both under “features” and “packages”)

I came across Electron, and I found it such a great app. I decided to try Atom as well, so far so good. Good in developping PHP and JavaScript. I got told the type of variable, suggested functions, the list was popping out each time, I typed _ and I got __halt_compiler() and every other temporary variable I had on this time.

However that fails with C#. I’m trying to develop in Unity3D. I started editing the files using Atom. C# language support pack (or however it’s called) is still on. It does highlight things like “int”, “float” etc., but on top of the document, there’s:
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
Monodevelop and Microsoft Visual Studio do recognize that, and whenever I would type “position.” it would ask me “rotation”, “position”, “quarternion” etc., but it doesn’t happen in Atom, at all. Not a single suggestion popped out, not a single auto-complete, unless I already typed this, which isn’t recognition, just suggestion to already written commands.

Do I miss something or it’s not support yet?


Actually, this really belongs under “support”. Because Atom does have the feature, what you’re really asking is a clarifying question on the state of the feature.

Atom has an auto-complete system that is based on providers. What this means though is that people have to create providers that give the auto-complete system its suggestions. Unfortunately, these providers are somewhat sparse at this point.

For the history of the struggle of autocomplete in Atom, see the topic here: