Active Line/Soft Wrap?


The package I’d like to find, to no avail, is one that would only wrap the text on the highlighted line where the cursor is placed. Making ‘Soft Wrap’ kind-of fluid? Applying the effect only to the current active area. And, possibly, the line before and after the active one. I don’t like the fact that I have to switch ‘Soft Wrap’ on and off when needed. Having to change tabs every-time I need to have that one long line of code wrapped, and then when I need to view a document where that isn’t needed, the ‘Soft Wrap’ switch pushes other document’s contents either up or down depending on the sequence of switch.

I’ve tried searching in the packages with keywords.
I also tried to edit the line itself to add a CSS word-wrap on only the active line. Although, I do not know how the code is code within code and how it is structured to be manipulated like that, so… that didn’t work.

Or, I just don’t know how to do it right? If someone could help me add this feature, whether by package or code, it would be immensely helpful.