Accidentally started new window and how can I reopen all lost tabs?


I worked for month with atom and have dozens of tabs opened to work with This were tabs from different folders. I wanted to check something and started a new window, thereby recognizing that if I now start atom I have of course this new window opened automatically…

I found something like open old projects, but I tried with the latest projects. But this is not what I had. Is there some hope how I can reopen all the tabs?

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You can try adding this block of code at the very bottom of stylesheet … styles.less

To disable you need to comment out this block of code.

What is this doing then?

It should display a panel to the right of tree-view with a list of tabs to open. There is a blue triangle at the bottom to resize the sub-panel. You can see it in the screenshot in above link.

But it is only an idea to try. I have no idea if you have totally lost your tabs or if the links are broken.

Incidentally, in my opinion, it is never a good idea to have dozens of tabs open.

There is another package project-viewer which might prove useful to open groups of files.