Accidentally disabled settings-view, now entire settings is gone. How can I enable it?

I just downloaded Atom today and I was checking out the installed packages, disabling and enabling each one to see what it does. When I disabled settings-view the entire page disappeared and now I can’t access that page, so I don’t have a way to re enable that package.

If you go to your user directory, there’s a folder called .atom. Inside it is a file config.cson, which contains a list of disabledPackages that you can edit manually.

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Thank You! I tried editing that file, but for some reason settings-view was still disabled so instead I just deleted the .atom folder and reinstalled atom and it worked.

Just deleting .atom is all you need to wipe configurations. Session data is stored with the application, but I don’t think that’s relevant to whether or not a package is disabled.

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I have the same problem. I installed Atom and started playing with core settings and disabled the view settings by accident. I am new to this and I don’t understand a thing about computer language. I tried to follow your steps. I cannot find a folder called .atom. I un installed and installed atom again and installed the atom and app commands running “Window: Install Shell Commands” from the Command Palette.


It is a bit of a head scratch on how to help you find the related folder when not knowing the flavour of your OS.

See if the following picture is of any help to you…

Please feel welcome to visit the documentation pages to get the maximum from exploring Atom:


It’s in your user folder, and you probably need to tell your file manager to show you hidden files.

You are the best! Now I can see my core settings again. Thanks for the head scratch ;)!

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This method worked perfectly for me. Thank you​:hugs::hugs:

For reference, running apm enable settings-view on the command line will also enable it.

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Thank you…I really appreciate