Access to OSX Native/Cocoa API Hooks (MultiTouch Gestures et al)


Hey all, I would like to develop a package to map OSX multi-touch gestures to certain commands (i.e. three finger swipe right = “++]” to traverse open tabs).

Before I dive in, teach myself coffeescript, and learn a whole new API I’d just like to know one thing. Is this even possible? Is there any way to access Cocoa multi-touch gesture hooks within an Atom plugin?

My current solution is to use an external tool like “BetterTouchTool” on my Macbook, but its a messy app and a hacky workaround for something that could ideally be handled natively.


I know GitHub is a primarily Mac shop, but I don’t know if putting in extremely OS specific things like this is in the cards. You’d probably want to take a look at the Atom Shell to see how it interacts with OS X.


Well, they added support for the OS X proxy icon:

which is a fairly specific OS X feature. And they’ve been pretty accommodating in adding what they can for other operating systems. So I wouldn’t rule it out.

@mikegreiling, I would submit a feature request on Atom Core and see what can be done and at the same time poke around looking for how other OS X-specific features are linked into Atom.